About me

I do web development from 2004 year. I like working with responsible clients, who know what they want. Individual and creative resolve any tasks.

Complex tasks — it's for me!


Programming languages PHP 5, JavaScript, Node JS, ActionScript (Flash), Bash
Frameworks and libraries

Dojo, Dojo Mobile, Ext JS, Sencha Touch, RequireJS, Raphaël, jQuery (+ UI, Mobile), Backbone, Marionette, Lodash/Underscore, Promise…

Node JS
Express, SockJS, Redis, NodeUnit, Grunt

Yii, Cake

Continuous integration Jenkins, Bash/Shell scripts, PHPUnit, NodeUnit
Outside gateways

Billing systems
PayPal, Portmone.com, Robokassa, Stripe

Social network (OAuth, Graph API)
Vk, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Database PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, Sphinx
Makeup XHTML, HTML5, W3C, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap — cross browsing (IE8+, FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome) with adaptive design for difference device type
Protocols, data formats HTTP, HTTPS, AJAX, JSON, JSON-P, JSON-RPC, XML, WebDAV, WebSockets, PHP-Java-Bridge
Design patterns Fabric, stategy, MVC, polymorphism, composition, singleton, prototype, lazy loading, DAO, DTO

Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo

Web server
Apache, Nginx (+ php-fpm), Nginx-RTMP, PHP, Memcache, XCache, APC, Jboss, MySQL, Redis, Sphinx

Other programs
Trac, Git, SVN, Mercurial, FTP, x11, ssh, rsync, dosemu…

IDE PhpStorm (Personal license), NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio
Tracking systems ChiliProject, Redmine, Trac, JIRA, GitHub
Design Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Flash

Other experience

  • managing a team of developers (2-5 developers) as project manager.
  • programs design, creation and support high–load projects;
  • create database and application architecture, analyse and selection frameworks;
  • create project infrastructure (deploy, automation and testing scripts);
  • Application intuitive interface design, prototype draw;

Also have my php/js development, which can use it in future projects. Some development place in open source on GitHub.