LuckyStep — is startup that has social network features, lottery and billing.

Main idea is the new approach to present advertising. User is interested to learn company info and stocks — therefor user participates in money lottery.

Role in project
Senior Web Developer, then Technical Manager
Time in project
One year
Project status
Frozen, search investors
Test area (rus)
Logins: angel, agent, company
Password for all — 1

The experience

  • Teamwork with tracking systems and version control system;
  • Creation profiling, multilanguage web applications for high load;
  • Analyze and improve productivity: cache (Memcache), decrease queries count, using accelerator (APC), php settings and extenstions turning;
  • Deep learning of Yii Framework architecture and extending it for this project;
  • Team management: creation test department, adding tests and analysis stages to workflow, searching and interviewing developers, writing documentation and instructions for new members;
  • Administration of 6 servers: maintenance, write deploy scripts;
  • Using OOP paradigm and design patterns: fabric, strategy, MVC, polymorphism, composition, singleton, prototype, lazy loading, DAO, DTO;
  • Design parts of application: using UML diagrams, writing interface and business logic;
  • Write PHP-Unit tests;


User profile. Under avatar there is user status for current and last months. Status depends of user activity on site.

Talisman purchase dialog.

Photo dialog with photo previews and users comments. Main photo size adapts to user screen size.

My version of design first page.

My version of design for one of page.